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Energy Medicine

In addition to our physical and biochemical systems of the body, there is a complex energy system made up of energy fields, meridians, and energy centers. This subtle system of energy flows within, and around our being to support us in mind, body, and spirit. When we are in a state of good health, the energy is flowing freely to support us. When we are in disharmony in mind, body or spirit, the energy is not flowing freely to support us on our life journey. Over time, this imbalance can change how our body functions, and we can manifest signs of stress, fatigue, illness or even spiritual discord. Awareness of one's energetic being is very important as it allows us to recognize the change within our being before we manifest an imbalance that can hurt us long term. Energy healing supports the body before it goes into an imbalance & illness manifests, and should be used in conjunction with traditional medicine in times of acute or chronic illness, post surgery, and in palliative or end of life care. 


What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced ‘ray-key’) is a natural healing method in which a practitioner acts as a conduit & facilitator to balance the bioenergetic field of another person.  There is scientific evidence that each living thing possesses a source of measurable energy.  We have three main energy fields that flow through different areas of the body in different directions to support muscle tone, as well as, provide warmth, movement, and vitality to all organs and systems.  Energy follows our thoughts; so therefore, we can develop blocks to the flow of energy through tension, accumulated rage, avoidance of fears, and physical or mental trauma, which leads to imbalance of the energy and eventually disease.   Hands on healing techniques such as Reiki help bring the body into balance so it can heal itself.   Reiki, which means "Universal Life Force," was introduced by Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan in the 1800's, was brought to the West in 1937, and its popularity has expanded since.

Quantum physics theorizes that thoughts and emotions condense as energy particles. If they are not expressed, they become lodged in spaces between atoms and molecules like a filter being clogged. At that point, a person may feel pain or discomfort. Once a particle, it is more difficult to release, so ideally, expressing emotions in their purest energy form is most beneficial to avoid disease.  Reiki can assist in freeing and releasing these stuck particles allowing the body to self-regulate and heal.

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki assists the body to heal in a natural way and release energy that is stuck or emotions that go unexpressed.  According to the International Center for Reiki Healing, “If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.” Following a session, organs and systems begin operating in a stronger, more normal way.  Results that can be seen may include:

                 Stress reduction

                 Improved sleeping patterns

                 Increased energy level

                 Reduction in the discomfort and symptoms of chronic illness

                 Reduction in the use of pain medications

                 Reduction in side effects of chemotherapy

                 Improved immune function

                 Improvement in calmness and more focused behavior

                 Acceleration in healing following an injury or surgical procedure

                 Relieves discomfort in the body that cannot be identified by medical testing


Reiki and Traditional Medicine

Reiki has proven to benefit in so many ways because it seeks to balance all organ systems leading to maximum health mentally, physically and spiritually. It complements traditional medicine in that it is a gentle healing modality, does not interfere with standard treatments or medications, and is easy to perform around medical equipment, wound dressings, casts, etc.  In some cases Reiki can result in shorter recovery times from stressful events, illness, or surgical procedures.  Increasingly, many institutions including hospitals and outpatient clinical areas have sought training for their staff.   In addition, some hospice, visiting nurse associations, and nursing homes often provide access to Reiki Practitioners.  Integrative Medicine Centers across the country routinely offer Reiki services on an outpatient basis and several major hospital systems across the United States have staff and volunteers who offer Reiki to inpatients. There are several research projects funded by the National Institute of Health, National Center in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) looking at the use of Reiki as a healing modality.  

What to expect in a Session

The Practitioner will bring the client into a private room and discuss any questions or concerns the client may have about Reiki.  The client will then lie fully clothed on a massage table with a blanket if requested.  The Practitioner will scan the bioenergetic field around the body for interruptions in flow, indicating areas needing attention.   Hands are positioned over the body including the torso, head, back and legs.  Once the Practitioner’s hands are placed at these positions, the energy is felt usually as heat and sometimes as a slight vibration or tingling.  Typically, a client will feel a sense of relaxation as the session proceeds.  Depending on the length of time the problem has existed, the number of sessions needed to resolve a problem will vary, typically with more chronic and long-term issues taking slightly longer to resolve. The result of working with a Reiki practitioner is a healthier state of body, mind and spirit.  The best way to understand Reiki is to actually experience a session.  The client will have an opportunity to express any experiences/  feelings and ask any questions after the session if they wish to.  Practitioner feedback is offered, if requested by the client, but is not necessary to experience the benefits of Reiki.

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