Mineral Springs Soaks

As the only mineral springs site in operation in NY state, aside from Saratoga Springs, Clifton Springs offers a unique opportunity for those seeking relief from specific ailments like pain, or those looking to simply relax and rejuvenate with results-oriented treatments, in a centrally-located community setting.  Clients may take advantage of the waters by scheduling a bath, or they can combine the baths with other services like massage, Acupuncture, or Chiropractic for therapeutic benefits, particularly pain relief. Most of the center’s signature treatments also incorporate the use of the mineral water in other methods besides soaking to enhance the therapeutic effects of the treatment.


Mineral Bath $25



•Himalayan Mineral Bath $30 - Experience a warm bath infused with detoxifying & grounding Himalayan Salts, Honey, and a blend of essential oils. This combination provides pain relief, and can soothe not only painful joints, but significantly relaxes the muscles, reducing general muscle aches.  The warming essential oil blend is balancing for all constitutional types, relieves mental stress & fatigue, is uplifting, and can help fight respiratory infections, colds, and sinus congestion.

Dead Sea Energizing Bath $35 - This bath is a blend of healing Dead Sea Mineral Mud and essential oils known for energizing and uplifting the spirits as well as toning and tightening the skin.

Moor Peat Detox Bath $35 - Moor Peat and essential oils enhance the detoxification process of the mineral water alone, increases sweating, and imparts additional minerals from the moor peat to the body.

•Chocolate Milk Bath $35 - Hydrating, firming, and smoothing for the skin. The scent of chocolate makes this therapeutic bath feel decadent.


•Milk & Honey Bath  $30 - We combine full cream milk powder with skin-nourishing honey and soothing essential oils.  Milk has an exfoliating and skin softening effect on the skin.

Clear My Head Bath  $30 - Our mineral water is combined with a blend of essential oils for a decongesting and stimulating soak.  This soak is ideal for those suffering from allergies, cold & flu symptoms, and general sinus concerns. Combine with our Signature Sinus Treatment for even more benefit.

•Muscle Recovery/Pain Relief Bath  $40  -  We supplement this soak with additional magnesium sulfate and a blend of essential oils known for their analgesic (pain-relieving) and circulation boosting properties.

•Skin Soothing Mineral Bath  $35  -  This is a custom blended soak to treat specific skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, rashes, etc.


Custom Blended Aroma Bath $35
Customized for any particular concern, symptom, or goal

Lavender Relaxation Bath $28
Blend of Highland & Sweet Lavender oils – relaxing, analgesic, reduces skin irritation

Lemon Zinger Bath $28
Lemon and citrus oils blend – enlivens, awakens, creates alertness, tightens skin, tones cellulite, detoxifying

Circulation Booster Bath $28
Blend of Rosemary, and other circulation boosting oils – warming, invigorating, decongesting, relieves mental fatigue

Sage Purifying Bath $32
Sage is awakening & refreshes, helps clarify & soothe skin prone to blemishes. Stimulates the immune system, relieves aches, effective for dermatitis. Eases mental fatigue.

Frankincense Reflection Bath $37Encourages stability, emotional balance & clarity. Relaxing & calming. Assists meditation

Women’s Harmony Bath $32
Restores inner accord, rejuvenating, stabilizing during personal challenge & change. Balancing for women’s hormonal concerns.

Tranquility Bath $28
Soothing, relieves anxiety, encourages healthy sleep, balance and strengthen emotions

Using multiple jets, this bath stimulates circulation and encourages muscle relaxation through the force of water. Movement of the water creates a “hydro-massage” sensation and is very relaxing. Aromatherapy can be combined with this treatment. Tap water is used in this treatment.


This treatment is added to either a Mineral Springs Soak or Hydro-Massage Bath to enhance detoxification effects, stimulate the immune system, and promote circulation. Initially stimulating, the treatment progresses to deep relaxation and is encouraged during the onset of illness to boost the body’s healing response.


This treatment utilizes alternating hot and cold towels placed over the torso to stimulate the entire system. Constitutional Hydrotherapy is useful for systemic conditions as well as specific disorders. It can be used during an acute illness with some precautionary exceptions, and to treat chronic conditions as well as for prevention. Treatment is recommended frequently during an acute stage and may be less frequent as healing occurs.


Mineral Content of our Water

Calcium Magnesium Bicarbonate


Clifton Springs is designated as a sulphur mineral spring, making it especially therapeutic for conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, other musculoskeletal pain conditions, respiratory infections, and skin conditions. Soaking in sulphur-rich mineral water has anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain relieving), and antibacterial effects.


Clifton Springs History


Clifton Springs has a rich medical history dating back to 1850 when Dr. Henry Foster founded the Clifton Springs Sanitarium on the site of sulphur mineral springs, which were revered by generations of Native American healers.  At that time, the field of medicine was still a very new science and his Sanitarium combined the most advanced medical technology of the day with spiritual and psychological counseling, recommendations for diet and nutrition, and therapies that included herbal medicine, homeopathy, massage, and hydrotherapy. New York State has a rich history of the use of mineral springs for healing, and during the Victorian Era, "taking the waters" was a summer-time ritual across the state, drawing patrons from the whole region and world-wide. Each spring site had distinctive mineral composition specializing in treatments for specific conditions.

The historical traditions of using mineral waters therapeutically (the technical term is balneotherapy) diminished in the United States over the years.  Although there are active mineral springs throughout the country, many of them geothermal springs, most of them are not associated with medicine as we know it today.  In Europe and countries like Israel, Russia, Japan, and Korea, balneotherapy is widely recognized as a therapeutic tool, and is not only used regularly, but a significant amount of research is conducted on the therapeutic use of mineral waters, seaweeds, muds, and salts. Some countries include treatment at a spa as part of the national health insurance coverage for certain medical conditions like osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis, particularly those employing sulphur mineral waters.



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