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The antioxidant properties of grapes are not only found in wine and juice...did you know that grapes and grapeseeds have powerful effects on the skin as well? We are featuring NEW grape and wine-themed services ... therapeutic and soothing.

Vinotherapy Treatments

All products are staff tested and approved and we have new grapeseed based products in our retail area to continue the effects at home! Click here to read about the power of grapeseeds for skin care from our new line.


Finger Lakes Vino Scrub  $85 (60-min)

This treatment begins with a full body exfoliation featuring a luxurious scrub formulated with anti-oxidant rich grapeseed, soothing aloe, vitamin E, and the power of omega fatty acids in avocado & argan oils to buff and hydrate your skin with particular emphasis on the hands, feet, & elbows. Following the scrub, your therapist will perform a relaxing massage with an indulgent, silky, vitamin & antioxidant-rich grapeseed lotion to hydrate your skin with vinotherapy luxury with particular emphasis to any areas of concern.


Finger Lakes Wine Wrap  $95 (70-min)

A luxurious body treatment utilizing the powerful anti-oxidant and exfoliating properties of the grape. After a full-body dry skin brushing to exfoliate and stimulate the lymphatic system, the wrap is applied to deeply hydrate and fade age spots due to over exposure to the sun. While you are wrapped, your therapist treats you to a scalp and foot massage to deepen the relaxation.  The wrap is concluded with application of a decadent moisturizer to leave your skin feeling silky smooth.



Vino-Pedi $65 (approx 80-min+ drying time)


Take your standard pedicure and transform it into a grape country delight! You begin by soaking in a relaxing vino-infused mineral foot bath.  Molly will trim & shape your nails, clean up cuticles, and buff away your calluses.  Our vino scrub will smooth and hydrate your feet, Molly applies a grape pedi peel to further smooth, and a moisturizing mask is applied and left to rest with hot towels.  A delightful foot and lower leg massage with a luxurious hydrating, silky, vitamin-rich grapeseed lotion is followed by the application of the polish color of your choice. Don't forget your flip flops!




 Moor Peat Detox Wrap
Many spas offer a watered-down version of the Eastern European tradition of moor therapy. However, not all moor "mud" is the same (in fact, it isn't "mud" at all!)  In this treatment, we combine several therapeutic treatments into one service. Body brushing, Moor therapy, massage, aromatherapy, and a mineral springs soak are combined for full-body experience.

Moor peat is an organic product resulting from natural decomposition of multitudes of plants under special conditions. Unlike other mud used in the spa industry, ours contains virtually no clay (less then 3%) and consists of an organic residue of herbs, flowers and grasses. Over a period of thousands of years this residue was transformed.  Its uncanny ability to heal, nourish and detoxify has been observed by people for millennia and has been used scientifically in European Spas for well over a century.

Our therapy-grade moor peat harvested from the western region of the Czech Republic has an unusual concentration of bio-mineral, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, plant hormones and fatty acids. Moor peat contains a myriad of nutrients, natural trace elements, minerals, and humic substances easily absorbed through human skin.

Moor therapy is used for a multitude of ailments from mobility problems, arthritis, and hormonal imbalance to post surgery recovery and muscle recovery in sport medicine. Moor therapy is indicated for inflammatory conditions of the joints and muscles, circulatory complaints, hormonal and female problems, gastrointestinal and skin troubles, ulcers, and autoimmune diseases. Its actions are thermophysical, biochemical, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and natural antibiotic.

Benefits of Moor Peat
Astringent (toning to the skin)
Absorbent (remineralize the body)
Anti-inflammatory (reduce swelling in achy joints and muscles)
Cell regenerator (to help renew old or damaged cells)
Chelating, binding to heavy metal isotopes

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Arthritis/Pain Relief Wrap
Our Moor Peat is mixed with essential oils used for relieving pain (arthritis as well as muscle pain) and is applied to the body as a warm paste. You are wrapped while your therapist massages your head and feet to offer a deep sense of relaxation. The moor peat is removed in a warm mineral bath.  You may choose to add paraffin to this treatment to enhance pain relief for hands and/or feet.

Chocolate Body Wrap
This treatment is a decadent twist on our Moor Peat Detox Wrap. We combine the detoxifying and remineralizing benefits of the moor peat with the toxin-releasing properties of cocoa powder, the antioxidant and cellulite reduction properties of green tea, and the vitamins in clove powder for a detoxifying, anti-cellulite treatment that smells good enough to eat! You remove the body wrap in a warm, moisturizing mineral bath infused with milk, honey, and aloe. 

Deep Moisture Body Masque
For those who suffer from dry skin, this body masque is the ultimate treatment. Following body brushing to exfoliate & stimulate the skin and lymphatic system, a special selection of ingredients including organic coconut oil, castor oil and skin rejuvenating essential oils to help heal dry skin are applied to the body and left to absorb. This treatment includes a scalp and foot massage while you are wrapped. Excess masque is removed and Soothing Skin Balm is applied to the body to complete the treatment. Approx 70 min



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Manicures & Pedicures
The Springs nail services are an alternative to typical nail salon services in many ways. Our technicians are focused on providing gentle, effective treatments, and clients are educated about healthy nail care and offered natural solutions to common problems associated with the hands and feet. We do not apply artificial nails, as we value the intrinsic beauty of the natural nails. We offer a wide range of polish colors in a professional line of lacquers that are free from toxic chemicals such as di-butyl phthalate (associated with birth defects), formaldehyde (a potent irritant), and tolulene (a toxic thinning agent). This reduces exposure to toxic chemicals for clients with chemical sensitivities and pregnant women.

While some clients seek out our services particularly because we offer natural alternatives, others receive the advantage of healthier nail care by virtue of the availability at The Springs. Diabetics and clients with other conditions that require special precautions are welcome at The Springs as we have the resources to facilitate safe administration of nail care. We always follow hospital sanitation guidelines to guard against infection.

Read about Foot Care & Wellness by Molly Arthur, LC and find out more about our FootLogix Pedicures and why they are therapeutic!


Paraffin Treatment
Paraffin envelopes your hands & feet in deep penetrating heat to soothe stiffness, aches & pains associated with overuse, muscle spasms, or arthritis. Joints feel less inflamed and more flexible, muscles relax, and cold extremities are warmed. Moisturizer is applied before dipping your hands or feet so your skin emerges silky smooth.


The Springs uses the PerfectSense Paraffin system eliminating risk of infection, contamination and the traditional drawbacks of paraffin dips- resulting in a premium paraffin experience.  The PerfecTemp™ delivery system heat the individual paraffin packs to an ideal immersion temperature, using natural mineral technology, in only five minutes. The infusion of heat stimulates blood vessel dilation for increased blood flow, tissue relaxation for relief of sore muscles and achy joints, and perspiration for hydration and detoxification.


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