About Us

Originally established in 1850 as a “water cure” destination in the Finger Lakes Region, Clifton
Springs Hospital & Clinic’s rich history has laid the path for affordable, community-based
integrative medicine, now locally known as The Springs. The center is reminiscent of a European
Medical spa, combining the therapeutic benefits of mineral waters with treatments based on
natural medicine practices.

The Springs provides results-oriented integrative therapies for pain relief, support for patients
undergoing treatment for cancer, chronic illness, injury recovery, or simply to provide rest and
relaxation from daily stressors.

Services are available for the general public, visitors, hospital staff, and nursing home residents.
Inpatient acupuncture and massage services are available for a fee with clearance from the
attending physician.

The Springs is a service of Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic, an Eastern Region Affiliate of
Rochester Regional Health.