Service Enhancements

These add-ons are available when booked with any full service treatment. They are not standalone sessions.

Aromatherapy  $3
Upgrade your massage with therapeutic essential oils blended into a carrier oil (we use 100% coconut or jojoba oil).

Scalp Massage $10
Enhance your treatment with additional time simply spent massaging your scalp. This add on soothes the broad, flat muscles of the head, reduces tension, and is incredibly sedating by influencing the numerous acupressure and marma points on the head.

Hand or Foot Treatment $20
Hands: A delightful add on focused on relieving tired hands with reflexive affects to calm the mind and relieve stress. Ideal for those who use computers, perform repetitive movements, work with their hands, as well as those with arthritis.  Techniques may include massage, reflexology, and acupressure with skin soothing moisturizers.

Feet: A grounding & soothing add on focused on revitalizing the feet. Ideal for anyone who loves foot massage, those who are on their feet a lot, as well as those with arthritis or foot pain. Techniques may include massage, reflexology, kansa vatki, or acupressure.

Head, Neck & Shoulder Release $20
A combination of deep tissue and relaxation techniques focused on head, neck, and shoulders that can be added to any other treatment.

Paraffin $12
Paraffin envelopes your hands or feet in deep penetrating heat to soothe stiffness, aches & pains associated with overuse, muscle spasms, or arthritis. Joints feel less inflamed and more flexible, muscles relax, and cold extremities are warmed. Moisturizer is applied before application so your skin emerges silky smooth.

Kansa Facial Massage  $20
A small version of a Kansa bowl is used to massage the face. The facial kansa massage stimulates the numerous marmas on the face, creating a deep sense of relaxation. In addition, the metal bowl tones & tightens the skin and refreshes the complexion.

Room Charge – Extended Rest Time $10
Choose this add-on if you would like to rest up to 15-min in your treatment room after your session concludes.

Acupuncture Mini Sessions $25

  • Stress Relief – Provides overall stress relief, relaxation, and induces a deep sense of calm.
  • Detoxification – Enhance effects of treatment goals including general “detox”, weight loss, or for quitting smoking.
  • Sinus Relief – Relief of sinus concerns such as congestion, allergies, sneezing, sinus pain, and cold/flu symptoms. Recommend combining with Signature Sinus Treatment.