Mineral Springs Baths

Classification of mineral waters is based on minimum threshold concentrations of particular minerals. Historically, Clifton Springs was classified as sulphur, which means that sulphur was the predominant element measured. Today, the specific levels vary depending on where the water level in the aquifer is flowing, but the water contains a high level of minerals like magnesium and calcium which are beneficial for reducing pain and inflammation.

As one of the only mineral spring sites in operation for bathing in NY State, Clifton Springs offers a unique opportunity for those seeking relief from specific ailments like pain, skin irritations, or those looking to simply relax and rejuvenate.

Clients may take advantage of the waters by scheduling a bath, or they can combine the baths with other services for therapeutic benefits, particularly pain relief. Most of the center’s signature treatments also incorporate the use of the mineral water in various methods.
All soaks are 20-min in length and are in private bath tubs. There is no community pool or group bathing areas. If you have limited mobility and are unable to get in and out of a standard bathtub on your own, please call us to discuss availability for assistance. There is an additional $30 fee for assistance.

Mineral Bath – Basic $25 – Soaking allows you to immerse the entire body in the mineral-rich water, allowing the skin to absorb nutrients, opening the pores over a large area to allow detoxification and elimination. The heat & minerals provide significant muscle relaxation.

Himalayan Mineral Bath $30 – A warm bath infused with Himalayan salts, and an Ayurvedic blend of essential oils that provides pain relief, is balancing for all constitutional types, relieves mental stress & fatigue, and uplifts the spirit.

Moor Peat Bath $35 – Peat sourced from the Czech Republic and essential oils stimulate the lymphatic system, increase sweating, and imparts humic & fulvic acids from the peat to alleviate skin conditions. This soak is also effective for pain relief.

Sinus Relief Bath $30 – This is a decongesting and stimulating soak, ideal for those suffering from allergies, cold & flu symptoms, general sinus concerns, and congestion. Combine with our Signature Sinus Treatment for even more benefit.

Muscle Recovery/Pain Relief Bath $40 – We supplement our mineral waters with additional magnesium sulfate and a pain relieving blend of essential oils. This soak is ideal for athletes, and relieving musculoskeletal pain from over-exertion or pain conditions like fibromyalgia.

Arthritis Relief Bath $35 – This soak includes a blend that increases circulation and targets pain relief for joint concerns, and may ease the musculoskeletal pain associated with Lyme disease.

Custom Blended Bath $35 – Customized for any particular concern, symptom, or goal.

Lavender Relaxation Bath $28 – A relaxing blend of oils from multiple lavender species that is also pain relieving and soothing for the skin.

Frankincense Reflection Bath $37 – Encourages stability, emotional balance, & eases anxiety while also assisting meditation.

Women’s Harmony Bath $32 – Balancing for women’s hormonal concerns & is stabilizing during personal challenge & change.

Herbal Foot Soak $23 – A warm herbal foot bath in our jetted foot basin. Choose from arthritis relief, foot fatigue, or an anti-fungal formula. This soak can be done alone to soothe aches and pains due to arthritis, long hours standing, plantar fasciitis, and soothe itching/irritated feet, but is best combined with our reflexology, padabhyanga, or Extremity Remedy treatments.

Immune Stimulating Sheet Wrap $15 – This treatment stimulates the immune system, and promotes increased circulation to the internal organs. After your choice of bath, without drying off, you get on a massage table on wrapped with a wet sheet. While you rest, your body responds to the contrast hydrotherapy. The sheet wrap is encouraged during the onset of illness to boost the body’s healing response.