Water-Based Treatments

Classification of mineral waters is based on minimum threshold concentrations of particular minerals. Historically, Clifton Springs was classified as SULPHUR, which means that sulphur was the predominant element measured. The therapeutic threshold for sulphur is 1mg/L, or 1ppm! Clifton Springs historical records indicate the waters contained approximately 200ppm sulphur, with a high level of magnesium as well.

Sulphur is therapeutic for conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, other musculoskeletal pain conditions, respiratory infections, and skin conditions. Soaking in sulphur-rich mineral water has anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain relieving), and antibacterial effects.

About Bathing at The Springs
As one of the only mineral springs site in operation in NY state, Clifton Springs offers a unique opportunity for those seeking relief from specific ailments like pain, or those looking to simply relax and rejuvenate with results-oriented treatments.

Clients may take advantage of the waters by scheduling a bath, or they can combine the baths with other services like massage, Acupuncture, or Chiropractic for therapeutic benefits, particularly pain relief.

Most of the center’s signature treatments also incorporate the use of the mineral water in other methods besides soaking to enhance the therapeutic effects of the treatment.

Mineral Springs Baths
All soaks are 20-min in length and are in private bath tubs. There is no community pool or group bathing areas. If you have limited mobility and are unable to get in and out of a standard bathtub on your own, please call us to discuss availability for assistance.

Mineral Bath – Basic $25 – Simply enjoy a soak in mineral water.

Himalayan Mineral Bath $30 – Experience a warm bath infused with detoxifying & grounding Himalayan Salts, Honey, and a blend of essential oils. This combination provides pain relief, and can soothe not only painful joints, but significantly relaxes the muscles, reducing general muscle aches.  The warming essential oil blend is balancing for all constitutional types, relieves mental stress & fatigue, is uplifting, and can help fight respiratory infections, colds, and sinus congestion.

Dead Sea Energizing Bath $35 – This bath is a blend of healing Dead Sea Mineral Mud and essential oils known for energizing and uplifting the spirits as well as toning and tightening the skin.

Moor Peat Detox Bath $35 – Moor Peat and essential oils enhance the detoxification process of the mineral water alone, increases sweating, and imparts additional minerals from the moor peat to the body. This soak is also effective for pain relief.

Sinus Relief Bath  $30 – Our mineral water is combined with a blend of essential oils for a decongesting and stimulating soak.  This soak is ideal for those suffering from allergies, cold & flu symptoms, and general sinus concerns. Combine with our Signature Sinus Treatment for even more benefit.

Muscle Recovery/Pain Relief Bath  $40  –  We supplement this soak with additional magnesium sulfate and a blend of essential oils known for their analgesic (pain-relieving) and circulation boosting properties.

Skin Soothing Mineral Bath  $35  –  This is a custom blended soak to treat specific skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, rashes, etc.

Custom Blended Aroma Bath $35 – Customized for any particular concern, symptom, or goal

Lavender Relaxation Bath $28 – Blend of Highland & Sweet Lavender oils – relaxing, analgesic, reduces skin irritation

Lemon Zinger Bath $28 – Lemon and citrus oils blend – enlivens, awakens, creates alertness, tightens skin, tones cellulite, detoxifying

Circulation Booster Bath $28 – Blend of Rosemary, and other circulation boosting oils – warming, invigorating, decongesting, relieves mental fatigue

Sage Purifying Bath $32 – Sage is awakening & refreshes, helps clarify & soothe skin prone to blemishes. Stimulates the immune system, relieves aches, effective for dermatitis. Eases mental fatigue.

Frankincense Reflection Bath $37 – Encourages stability, emotional balance & clarity. Relaxing & calming. Assists meditation

Women’s Harmony Bath $32 – Restores inner accord, rejuvenating, stabilizing during personal challenge & change. Balancing for women’s hormonal concerns.

Tranquility Bath $28 – Soothing, relieves anxiety, encourages healthy sleep, balance and strengthen emotions

Kid’s Bubble Yum Mineral Bath (under age 14 only)   Duration: 15 / Cost $20 – Parents can bring their little ones in to experience a foamy, fruity, bubble gum scented mineral soak! You may request no salts if you prefer.

Sheet Wrap $15 – This treatment is added to a Mineral Springs Soak or Hydro-Massage Bath to enhance detoxification effects, stimulate the immune system, and promote circulation. Initially stimulating, the treatment progresses to deep relaxation and is encouraged during the onset of illness to boost the body’s healing response.

Hydro-Massage Jetted Soak $25

Tap water is used in this treatment. Using multiple jets, this bath stimulates circulation and encourages muscle relaxation through the force of water. Movement of the water creates a “hydro-massage” sensation and is very relaxing. Aromatherapy can be combined with this treatment.

Constitutional Hydrotherapy $50

This treatment utilizes alternating hot and cold towels placed over the torso to stimulate the entire system. Constitutional Hydrotherapy is useful for systemic conditions as well as specific disorders. It can be used during an acute illness with some precautionary exceptions, and to treat chronic conditions as well as for prevention. Treatment is recommended frequently during an acute stage and may be less frequent as healing occurs.


Signature Treatments – Moor Peat Wraps

We combine several elements into one service for full-body experience based on the Eastern European tradition of using moor peat for therapeutic purposes. Moor peat is an organic product resulting from natural decomposition of plants over a period of thousands of years. Its uncanny ability to heal, nourish and detoxify has been observed by people for millennia and has been used scientifically in European Spas for well over a century.

Our therapy-grade moor peat is harvested from the western region of the Czech Republic. Research has shown that moor peat has thermal effects by trapping heat and reducing the rate at which the temperature drops. This essentially creates a custom heat pack with the bonus of a myriad of nutrients, natural trace elements, minerals, and humic substances easily absorbed through human skin.

Moor therapy is used for pain relief, arthritis, post-surgery recovery, and muscle recovery in sport medicine. Moor therapy is indicated for inflammatory conditions of the joints and muscles, circulatory complaints, skin concerns, and autoimmune diseases. Therapeutic moor peat is skin-toning, re-mineralizing, anti-inflammatory, and detoxifying.

Moor Peat Detox Wrap    $95
Our Moor Peat is blended with sulphur mineral water & essential oils renowned for their detoxifying and diuretic properties. While you rest wrapped in the moor peat blend, your therapist massages your head and feet to offer a deep sense of relaxation. The session concludes with a soak in our sulphur mineral bath where you remove the wrap.

Pain Relief Wrap    $98
Combining our sulphur mineral water with moor peat & essential oils used for relieving pain & reducing inflammation, we envelop you in warmth while your therapist performs scalp and foot massage. This treatment is especially helpful for arthritis, musculoskeletal pain, and injury recovery. The session concludes with a soak in our sulphur mineral bath, offering added pain-relieving & anti-inflammatory benefits.

Chocolate Body Wrap    $115
This wrap is a decadent twist combining all the benefits of moor peat with cocoa, green tea and clove for a detoxifying, anti-cellulite, toning & tightening treatment that smells good enough to eat! You remove the body wrap in a warm, moisturizing mineral bath after a rejuvenating face, scalp and foot massage.