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The Springs
Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic
1300 Wing
2 Coulter Road
Clifton Springs, NY 14432

Enter Clifton Springs Hospital via the main entrance. Masking is optional at The Springs unless RRH policy changes – signage will indicate whether masking is required. Enter the main lobby, and walk to the left past the elevators. The Springs is located at the end of the 1300-wing.


Monday – Friday
By Appointment Only


(315) 462-1350
(315) 462-7784


To cancel appointments, please call (315) 462-1350. You may leave messages on voicemail if it is after-hours or before we arrive.


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We strive to provide exceptional care every day. Many patients/clients have come to us seeking medical-based care or therapeutic services and we would like to learn their stories. If you, or your friends or family are willing to share a story, please send us a message.
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