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Spa for Kids

The goal of these services are to introduce our youngest guests to the benefits of bodywork and relaxation.

Bubble Yum Mineral Bath


Duration: 15 min

Parents can bring their little ones in to experience a foamy, fruity, bubble gum scented mineral soak! You may request no salts if you prefer, but please let us know when you schedule.

Chill Out Massage


Duration: 20 min

A great introduction to the benefits of massage! This 20-minute massage can be focused on particular areas of concern for sports enthusiasts/athletes or may be performed for full body sessions to introduce kids to relaxation techniques. Parents are welcome to remain in the room during the massage.

Kid’s Scalp & Hair Treatment


This shortened, and more gentle version of our Shiro Abhyanga will release tension held in the neck and shoulders and nourishes the hair

Please plan accordingly as your child will leave with oil in their hair. The longer the oil remains on the hair and scalp, the more noticeable the results will be.

Kid’s Foot Massage


Using a combination of Ayurvedic massage, reflexology, and acupressure techniques, little ones can experience the calming/grounding effects of foot massage which reinforces good habits for foot health. There is no need to remove clothes except socks and shoes to receive this session.

Mini Facial Massage


Gentle massage to the face with Ayurvedic techniques encourages relaxation, and nourishes the skin. Our youngest clients can benefit from healthy skin care habits early on, and massage stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage to maintain health of the skin naturally.

Please Note:

  • Our Spa Menu for Kids is intended for guests under the age of 14. Children ages 14+ may schedule from the standard menu of services.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 requires written parental consent.
  • Parents may be asked to remain in the room with the child depending on age.