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Massage Therapy

Manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, consisting primarily of manual (hands-on) techniques such as applying fixed or movable pressure, holding, and moving muscles and body tissues.

Therapeutic Massage


Duration: 15/30/45/60/90 min

This is a customized session combining a variety of techniques to meet specific patient goals. Techniques may include a combination of Swedish, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, active release, stretching, or others. Treatment may be performed as full-body or region-focused sessions depending on what you desire at each visit. Pressure is modified based on client preferences. Please notify your therapist if you bruise easily, take prescription blood thinners, have osteoporosis/osteopenia, are currently receiving chemotherapy, have had a recent surgery or injury, or have had an adverse effect from specific massage techniques in the past.



Duration: 20/40 min

Reflexology is a hands-on practice involving the use of pressure applied to various points which correspond to physical structures distant from the reflex point. Reflexology can influence muscles & organs, the nervous system, and the TCM meridian channels to help release tension, increase circulation, and support homeostasis throughout the body. Clients find this style useful for sore hands & feet, general pain or tension in the body, or for overall wellness promotion.

Service Enhancements

Enhance any full length service with your choice of add-ons. Please specify when scheduling which enhancement you would like

  • Kansa Vatki $20
    Ayurvedic massage technique using smooth metal tool to stimulate marma points and increase circulation. Choose from facial or foot kansa.
  • Paraffin $30
    Increases circulation to the joints of the hands or feet to relieve pain or drive moisturizing balm deep into tissues to relieve dry, irritated, itchy skin.
  • Massage Extension $20
    Choose a region for extra emphasis during your massage.