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Signature Services

Moor Peat Detox Wrap


Our Moor Peat is blended with mineral water & essential oils renowned for their detoxifying and diuretic properties. While you rest wrapped in the moor blend, your therapist massages your head and feet to stimulate reflex and marma points. The session concludes with a warm soak in a mineral bath.

Pain Relief Wrap


Moor peat is combined with mineral waters and botanicals used for relieving pain & reducing inflammation. We envelop you in warmth while your therapist performs scalp and foot massage which helps release tension in the body. This treatment is especially helpful for arthritis, musculoskeletal pain, injury recovery, & may ease the musculoskeletal pain associated with Lyme disease. The session concludes with a soak in a warm mineral bath, offering added pain-relieving & anti-inflammatory benefits.

Chocolate Body Wrap



This wrap is a decadent twist combining all the benefits of moor peat with cocoa, green tea and clove for a detoxifying, anti-cellulite, toning & tightening treatment that smells good enough to eat! Treatment includes a warm, moisturizing mineral bath after a tension relieving face, scalp and foot massage.

Deep Muscle Relief Treatment


This session is a perfect antidote for physical & mental over-exertion. A blend of powerful ingredients in a warming, nourishing herbal balm is massaged into the body and the client is warmed with infrared heat to encourage tight, achy muscles to release. Massage techniques to the scalp and feet encourages the entire body to release tension through marma and reflex points.

Extremity Remedy – Lower Body


A fusion of Shiatsu, Thai massage & Tuina to release tension, reduce pain, and improve range of motion in the hip, legs & feet. This session only requires removal of socks, however, we do recommend comfortable, loose-fitting or athletic pants for the best experience. The session concludes with application of a balm to reduce pain with customized techniques based on your goals for the session.

Extremity Remedy – Wrist & Hand


With a focus on relieving pain and stiffness in the hands due to arthritis or repetitive use, this session blends several techniques to provide soothing comfort to the joints and muscles in the forearms and hands. Treatment is done seated, fully clothed and ends with a pain relieving balm with customized techniques based on your goals for the session.

Signature Sinus Treatment


Our signature combination of techniques are applied to relieve congestion, allergies, and sinus pressure. Using a combination of myofascial, Tuina, and lymphatic drainage, this brief session is offered as a standalone treatment or can be combined with our Sinus Relief bath or acupuncture for additional benefits.

What is Moor Peat Therapy?

Moor peat is an organic product resulting from natural decomposition of plants over a period of thousands of years. Its ability to heal, nourish, and detoxify has been observed by people for millennia and has been used scientifically in European Spas for well over a century, particularly in conjunction with physical rehabilitation.

Our therapy-grade moor peat is harvested from the western region of the Czech Republic. Research has shown that moor peat has thermal effects by trapping heat against the body and reducing the rate at which temperature drops. This essentially creates a custom heat pack with the bonus of a myriad of nutrients, natural trace elements, minerals, and humic substances easily absorbed through human skin.

Moor therapy is used for pain relief, arthritis, post-surgery recovery, and muscle recovery in sports medicine. It is indicated for inflammatory conditions of the joints and muscles, circulatory complaints, skin concerns, and autoimmune diseases. Additionally, it has beneficial effects on the skin – providing toning, re-mineralizing, as well as anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties.